A problem I raised some time ago

When I set a start position in the Media Player to anything other than the very start of the audio file, Cantabile stops sending note-offs to my rack instruments, causing hanging notes.

While I’ve been setting up my rig I’ve been able to work around it, but it’s fast becoming a bigger problem.

I mentioned this some time ago, but haven’t seen or heard anything. Can this please be acknowledged and raised as a defect?

Hi @The_Elf

Thanks for reporting this again… sorry if I missed something about this before.

I just did some testing here and couldn’t reproduce any problems in this area. Could you please clarify some points:

  1. By “set a start position” do you mean setting the start play range marker to somewhere in the middle of the file, or do you mean simply dragging the current position to somewhere?
  2. When do the stuck notes happen - is it when you pause/stop the media player, or is this part of a bigger operation? (like switching songs, states etc…)
  3. When you say “stops sending note-offs” - do you mean stops sending any note offs at all, or just those to release notes that were held when the media player was stopped?
  4. Is this reliably reproducible, or is it somewhat random?

Keen to resolve this, but need to be able to reproduce it so anything you provide to help with that would be great. (eg: if you can reduce this to a simple song + ranged media file + plugin that’d very helpful).


Here’s the original @brad


@dave_dore - thanks
@The_Elf - see original post, I’ve left some comments there.

Thanks for responding, Brad.

I can send an example song file if that would help?

Hi @The_Elf

That’d be great - especially if you can reduce it to something fairly simple.


I’ve messaged you an example.

Second example messaged.


Many thanks to Brad for pointing out that I was running on V1.2.2 of midiChords, instead of the the later 1.2.5. Updating to 1.2.5 has fixed the problem.

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Hi @The_Elf

Great! Thanks for letting us know…