A new Cantabile-Keyboard


I think this is answered somewhat by the feeding frenzy around ROLI.
They’ve done a brilliant thing by offering the low end block products to give users the ‘experience’ without the pricetag of the Seaboard. 2 octaves for $300.
The Rise is $1100 for 4 octaves.
But…I’m not sure that a ROLI is something one wants to actually play full time. It’s a totally different ballgame from a conventional keyboard. That’s what makes TouchKeys so appealing. It retains the feel and accuracy of a keyboard, while providing X/Y control within the space of each key!
And - it’s an option. Anyone can add the system to any keyboard if they want to pay for it.
I’m interested in that thing.


That’s been my plan- to try a Block and maybe add on. The Seaboard seems brilliant for lead playing- I’ve heard some amazing violin and guitar sounds come out of it. (Not the sound specifically, obviously, but the way you can naturalize the intervals)


I own a 49-key Seaboard RISE. It works great for playing keyboard solos but is definitely never going to be my main keyboard.


How much?? ANd do you do custom work for clients??



Yes. That’s my business! :wink: I hope it’s okay for Brad if I point you to my facebook-page:


Just managed to grab myself an Elka MK76 with poly AT for 140 quid! Happy happy, joy joy!