A new Cantabile-Keyboard


I love aftertouch also, dunno why so many stupid manufacturors don’t implement it


It’s expensive (poly aftertouch) and not many things actually respond to it :smiley: But it is great. A CS-80 isn’t really a CS-80 without it.


Omnipshere, Diva, Arminator…


I didn’t say nothing responds to it :wink: It does add a lot of cost though.


Yeah well mono aftertouch should be on every keyboard. For me it’s a no when a keyboard doesn’t have it.
Even my cheap Samson midi controllers have it. And i use it all the time.


A lot of things respond to poly AT, the issue is getting a cost effective keyboard to implement it. A CS80 ain’t cheap! :slight_smile:

Channel AT only requires a single pressure sensor across the entire keyboard. Poly AT requires it under each key. Totally different problem space.


Not only does it multiply the sensors required, it multiplies the A2D input pin requirements on the microcontroller, increases PCB trace complexity possibly enough to add layers, etc… all of these things can add LOTS of cost to the electronics.


Everyone is able to upgrade the keyboard with polyAT:


That looks AWESOME! Wish I could afford a $1000 add on to my MPK261.


Almost worth tracking down used Ensoniqs to use as controllers.
As @FredProgGH said, a CS-80 without it ain’t a CS-80!
Diva and Omnisphere are gorgeous with Poly AT.
I’ve managed to keep two Elka Mk-88 controllers going for the poly-AT. Would hate to lose them!
Here’s one from Jean Michel Jarre’s studio circa 1993… (optional plants)


If you’re going that route might as well try finding a Sequential Prophet T8 :smile_cat:


Allen “Cinema” organs have poly aftertouch.

In the Cinema organ world, it’s called “Second Touch,” and it brings in additional ranks of (digital…) pipes when additional pressure is applied.

Mind, an Allen isn’t cheap, but there’s a strong secondary market.


Agreed. I was just thinking of keys, but equally you need all the hardware to actually sample the poly AT inputs


Interesting concept…


The developer, Andrew McPherson is a total space cadet.
Seen this?


Very interesting. Shame it takes 2 people to make it work. I wonder if it comes standard with a page turner, or that is an option? :rofl:


Hi, How do you light up the LEDs above each key to show Keyzones? Do you use Bindings? Apologies if you already covered this elsewhere, the video links don’t work any more.


WOW - looks exciting! But a bit steep price just to try it out - takes serious commitment :wink: And it will probably take quite a bit of re-learning - as a violinist, I’d feel at home with their vibrato, but the sliding and double-touches look like they’ll require some training.

I have tried the ROLI keyboards and don’t like their spongy feel, was looking at Keith McMillens K-Board Pro, which looks promising but seems difficult to nail down to a delivery date. Now this solution actually lets you keep traditional key travel (which you lose with both ROLI and K-Board) and adds the whole position sensing to that. Sounds like a winner!

Thanx for the info!




That is a binding that converts the key range data into a sysex stream and sends that to the midi electronic.


The question is: What would you pay for poly-AT in addition? There is another optical scan-system that supports poly-AT as well as super-fast-and-accurate-key-triggering since it’s optical and do not work with mechanical switches (like all others do). This would add significant costs (talking about $1000 or so). Not sure if the customer at the end would pay it.