A new Cantabile-Keyboard

Alright people! Here is my latest build. Any suggestions on this?


  • 76 hammer action TP/40H + Ivory-surface
  • 10" capacitive touchscreen
  • integrated MOTU MicroBook IIc Audiointerface
  • all connectors of the interface are available on the backside of the keyboard
  • 9x 45mm fader
  • 8x encoder
  • 9x OLEDs
  • LEDs for every “channelstrip”
  • LED over every key for visualizing keyzones
  • Pitchbend & modulation
  • Intel NUC inside
  • powered 3.0 USB hub inside (f.e. connecting dongles)

I still need to program the electronic A LOT! I’ll try to do some videos over time to show how I think the workflow makes sense.



Dude, that’s gorgeous! I want one! :wink:


I’m all awed and such! Wonderful!


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How do you source all the components, and get them all together? Great job btw :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s my job. :wink:

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Outrageous!!! Fabulous work!

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That looks really cool! :slight_smile:

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haha, well of course!! What is your job exactly? I was more interested in how you put it all together, steps you took, construction procedures etc etc. Pictures of it all going together would be really cool (if available?)

Anyhoo, as I said it is one pretty slick machine :smiley:

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A short production run?


Before doing so I need to really check out a lot of things… not only software-wise (because everybody could download the latest firmware by oneself) but also hardware-wise! But after that… why not! Maybe we could organize a group-buy here in this forum if this is cool for Brad. Of course I’d offer a “beta-tester-price” for everybody who wants to join this!


I’d be very interested in this proposal. That is some extremely nice work!
This might even make a good Kickstarter project. I’d certainly be willing to promote it as much as I can.

Looks wonderful! :heart:
Much better then MY prototype.

A picture of the inside please. :grinning:
What’s the price of the parts? 2500€ or so?


I’ve been dreaming of such machines

Yes. I really need to check some things out before building some more prototypes, especially when building not for myself but for others.

I already thought about Kickstarter. But there is a problem with that:
To do a successful Kickstarter you need more than one “award” one could buy to support the project. you know what I mean?

I think that most Kickstarter projects are successful because they offer some small gadgets for 30€, 100€ you could buy. But I have no idea what I could offer in that range.

Anyway: I will think about and also ask Brad what he thinks about that and if he has some ideas for a cooperation.

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First of all, congratulations on this amazing prototype you’ve built! As to smaller/cheaper gadgets, I’m not familiar with Kickstarter’s conditions but I’ve seen some start-ups offer merchandise, such as t-shirts or baseball caps. Perhaps that would be an option for you… Anyway, following this thread with more than special interest!


Awesome! I’d like but it seems too wide.

Well, it would be less wide than an 88 key version.

Or do you mean the depth? Well, yes… it has a depth of 45cm. But we need this depth for all the controllers, interface and pitch / modulation. I do not publish any pictures from the inside yet… but believe me: there is not too much space in there :wink:

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Hi Christian.

Really like the keyboard. Was just wondering, how much RAM is on the NUC?

It’s running with 8GB of RAM.

Btw: this is the smallest NUC available. Is has an i3 built in.