96K only after Win10 update

Dear Cantabilites

I need some advice.

I’ve got a Novation AudioHub 2x4 USB interface (the one with the three usb port hub)

On Win7 and early editions of Win10 I was able to use it at 44,100 and 48K in Cantabile without any problems.

However since a Win10 update mid/late last year it will only work if it’s set to 96K in Cantabile and in its own control panel.

If I put it to anything lower all sounds are at a higher pitch.

I’ve played with the settings in Cantabile, the Novation control panel and the Windows Sound control panel thing. I’ve also used the VB-Audio Voicemeeter to try to “fix” things.

I’m not too fussed: at least it works. However I assume that at 96K I’m putting extra load on the CPU? In fact I have to set the buffer to 2048 otherwise the CPU maxes pretty quickly (gives me a latency of about 12ms - seems crazy?!)

As anyone had a similar experience? Should I worry? @Brad: I know Cantabile isn’t at fault: but I wondered if you had any ideas?

I would consider swapping out the interface, but the usb hub is super useful!

Surface Pro 3 i7-4650 8Gb


Is it related to this?

Thanks but I don’t think so…