Distorted sound while playing

Hello to everyone.
It is the 3rd or 4th time that while playing using Cantabile version 2.0.0. as vst host at a certain point the sound became really distorted no matter which vst I was playing or which song was loaded. Usually closing and reloading cantabile solve the problem but this time, while I was trying to discover the reason I found that after 30 or 40 seconds the sound returned normal. I use a Steinberg UR 22mk II as audio driver and a M audio code and a M audio Oxygen as keyboards. I don’t know if the problem is due to Cantabile, my pc ,(an Hp really no that great) or to the audio driver. Thank you to anyone who have some ideas.

Hi Sam,

It could be you are overdriving the audio output. Do you have you meters turning pure orange on the outline of the meters? That a sign you should re-balance (turn down) the gain in the system. Also check to see if the limiter is turned on in Tools>Options>Audio Engine>Enable Output Limiter. If not these things it sounds like a sound card buffer setup problem.


That, or it’s a CPU spike of some kind and it’s actually a stutter.

Oh, as addressed in the last line of Dave’s post. Make sure your machine hasn’t somehow reverted to a power saving profile, or that some unwanted process hasn’t launched itself.

Thank you for the suggestions, but I’ve already noticed that there’s no CPU peaks or other particular processes opened when this happens and the volume setting is the first thing I do to avoid distortions. It just happened again few minutes ago but just a little bit: I was trying some presets in a vst and I heard the sound distorting a little bit, just for a second and then normal. It seems like there’s some kind of interference but I tried various cables and I don’t think they are the problem. I’m starting to think that could be due to the audio driver.

Are you sure it’s not in trial mode? Some vsti’s let out a noise at intervals, just checking that too … but I think you’re right about the driver or maybe the hardware though.

Nono, I’m not in trial mode, also because the distortion is applied at all Vsts so it’s something that comes from above. I have to try to play for a period without using the Steinberg and exit directly from the pc aux.

So, this is a recent thing? Maybe roll back Windows to an earlier restore point and see if it goes away. Then you’d know some recent modification is to blame… Maybe it’s an interface hardware issue. That would be pretty rare.

I get the same sometimes when Windows or some other program is downloading or preparing for updates. Is your % load in cantabile going above 100?

So finally I solved this problem: it was due to the audio interface that wasn’t updated correctly.