20+ New Features Available Now!

For last month or so I've been busily working away on a set of over 20 new features - all of which are included in today's build 3650.

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Wow Brad!! :grin:

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What he said!! :+1::+1: It will take a while to absorb all this for sure, like a giant candy bag … :yum:



Holy Smokes Brad!
You never cease to amaze me! :smiley:


Busy, busy, busy :slight_smile: thanks Brad

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Thank you very much for all the news!
I’ m eager to get them.

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Thanks @Brad for all the new and useful features!

I noticed - while still trying to explore my Syntronik rack issue - that after installing 3650 the older installers do not work with me anymore. I tried to revert to 3640, 3643, and 3647 to check if my rack was working in those versions, but those versions would crash upon opening. They install ok, but crash upon opening. So I guess there is something new in 3650 that prevents the older installs to work. I guess worthwhile checking.


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Hi @Brad, I see that the vendor list is established automatically, and does that well. Some plugins are apparently unknown, e.g. the infamous Sonitus plugins that I still have from my Cakewalk Sonar installation. Do you plan do include an option to manually correct the vendor or modify the automatic created set of vendors?

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Hi @Brad, one more feedback item. I love the song templates! Thanks for implementing that!. One issue and wish on that. When I made a template, than try to change something, try to save it under the same name and overwrite it, Cantabile crashed (error report was sent). For sure, this is not a major issue, as I can bypass by giving a different name and delete the old template, or delete the old one first. But it might be something that more users want to do, and maybe easy to fix…

The multiple flagging of plugins as favorites or hiding them is also very useful. And your skills of making an explanatory video are great!! Compliments!

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Hrm… not sure why that would be - my guess would be something to do with the changes to the recordings stuff. If you need to go back before I get to look into this, you can go to your settings folder and you should find settings.NNNN.json where NNNN is an older build number. Just copy that back to settings.json and the old builds should load.

I wasn’t going to, but if enough people would find it helpful I might.

OK - assuming I can repro it, I’ll get it fixed asap.

I just start the screen recorder and ramble on till I think it’s been explained… and then spend about 5 or 6 hours swearing at the video editing software because it never works. But thank you - glad they’re useful. :slight_smile:


Wow, wow and thrice WOW!!! What a glorious set of enhancements!

Much respect to you, mate and many thanks for this!!!

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I’m going to try the Media Player features out ASAP.

Is it possible to bind events, such as State changes, to the Timeline markers? For example, at Marker ‘Chorus 1’ I’d like to switch to State ‘Piano/strings’, then at ‘Verse 2’ go back to State ‘Organ’?

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Am I misunderstanding the new rewind/ffwd controls? I don’t see them under ‘Transport’ binding targets? I was hoping to bind my MMC buttons to them.

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Brad, you’ve been busy … thank you.

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Hi The_Elf,

Check for it on the media player instead …


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Thank you. I hadn’t expected that!

That seems a little odd, TBH. I’ll have Play, Stop, and Pause all in the Background Rack as universal transport controls, always available from my MMC buttons, but I’ll have to bind Rewind and Ffwd to a specific Media Player within the Song - yet not all my Songs will have a Media Player in them.

I’ll give it a go and see how it works out.

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Currently they’re only on the media player binding targets. I did consider adding them to the master transport but decided to wait for feedback. Sounds like they should be there too. I’ll try to get that done soon.

In the meantime you can bind to the first media player from the background rack, by choosing “Media Player by Index/Name” as the binding target:

Yes, made a video showing how:

Found issue, will be fixed in 3651 available now.

btw: if you want to edit an existing song template, you can open the template for editing by going File -> New, select the template you want to edit, check the checkbox “Open Template for Editing”. When you do this, instead of creating a new file from the template, it just opens the template file. Make your changes and save it and the template will be updated. This is available for Song and Set List Templates - not rack templates.


I haven’t been able to reproduce this. @adderoo could you please send me a crash report from one of those earlier builds so I can see what’s going on.

Hi @brad,
I cannot reproduce it either anymore. All ok. Seems to have been a false alert

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Great!. It works perfectly now.

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Brad, I thank you for your hard work and your patience. :vulcan_salute:

Glad the RW/FF may make it to the Transport controls - it makes more sense to me that way.

I’ll be trying out the new features in the studio today.

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