Zed 10 died! Long live XR18

Good evening everyone,

My trusty Allen And Heath Zed10 has passed on to wherever it is they go in the next life…and I have my hands on an XR18. I really need some quick tips and tricks, hacks, or cautions about using an XR18 with Cantabile - anything!! Not long posts, as I don’t have any particular issues but I would like to benefit from any ideas or suggestions from the good people of this forum (who use an XR18). How to maximise the love between Cantabile and my XR18 (aside from marriage guidance!).

Many thanks

There are several threads on XR18 in the forum. The search engine is your friend…just enter XR18 and search…hope this helps.

Hi @Corky, yes have been rummaging through the older forum posts. I have used an XR18 before on gigs but not been up close and personal before now. I have had it out the box for about 40 minutes - already connected to Cantabile on a Windows 10 machine, using ASIO4ALL and have located channels1-18 (which on the wider internet seems to be a problem sometimes apparently. Latency seems totally acceptable. Wireless connection and app seem fine.

Something I have always found with Behringer stuff is it runs hot - will save on heating this winter!

Now - midi control of the unit via cantabile - that’s my next task!

When my Allen and Heath fried at a gig a few years back (due to power surge), I got a QSC board, but it is not as flexible as my son’s XR32 rack mount. That thing is a monster!!

Power surge!! How I hate that phrase! The X32 is a bit of a beast!

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Also lost a bass amp that night. That’s when I bought a ton of surge and brown out protectors.

Like you I learnt the hard way - considering how expensive equipment is, and how (mostly) inexpensive protective cabling etc is…

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No. When it happens, it’s time to buy a better hardware. :rofl:

:joy: yes!

There is a bit of a learning curve on the XR18. First try, keep it really simple.