Your favourite bass guitar VST?

Hello everyone. I’m a complete beginner to bass guitar and also Cantabile (and software like it). I recently bought the Rocksmith 2014 Real Tone cable and it worked very well with Cantabile. So far I only have 3 VSTs (free inc. Ignition Amp, 3rd Bass, Helian Bass) but I’m not quite satisfied with the their sounds. I do have a dedicated amp but I’m not going to bring that here to college, too big.

Are you a bass player too? If so, can you recommend me your favourite VSTs? I’m open to any choices but preferably free ones.

There are free scaled down versions of Guitar Rig and Amplitube you could try. Not sure how many of the bass features are included in those versions.

Basses in Sampletank 3 are really good. Avery good standalone is ManyBass

I assume from the examples you list that you are not looking for a VST plugin that simulates a bass guitar but rather a bass AMP plugin - correct?

Beyond the obvious candidates (Guitar Rig, Amplitude), which are really a pretty broad box of everything amp&pedal, I would suggest two excellent sims specialized on bass amps:

Both not really cheap but really excellent simulations.