yMIDI Controller Software

I discovered (and just bought) yMIDI Toolbox Plus. It’s much like Midi Designer for iPad but works with Windows 10. I’m building a cut-down version of nanoKontrol2 with it and it’s great to have resizeable faders on the screen for the main volumes etc. I found one bug with text box creation but the designer responded really quickly and posted a fix the next day. Well worth a look for those of us running Cantabile on touch-screen tablets like Surface Pro.


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I am using iPad for controlling VST plugins in Cantabile. I am using Midi Designer app for Ipad. I created main page which contains mute/on buttons and volume sliders for 8 instruments i use often. In sub pages there is control buttons and instrument select button by instrument types and also you can select pre selected songs. I use Cantabile bindings with iPad Midi Designer wireless. I think same things you can do with Lemur also.

If somebody is interested i can give more instructions how to make own iPad controller page using Midi Designer and how to send midi messages to cantabile using catabile bindigs.