Yep, some suggestions :) CC display + level meter

In Avenger there’s a marking what latest CC you’re using in the top display.
Could be handy if C3 had this also, in the display on top.
This way I can see the CC value of a slider or aftertouch.
Slider CC 74 = 89
Aftertouch = 75

Ow and of course, the LEVEL meter ! :wink:
Please please !

Handy when controlling on stage !

Dear Brad Santa can you give me that? I’ve been good :wink:

Ps: some other goodies, would be great if we could somehow keep focus in the LIVE modus on some background levels that I assigned like the monitor input to a rotary.
Really, I’ve been good :slight_smile:

Hey @So_Godly

I’ve considered some of this before, but been a little concerned about how distracting it might be when not needed. Taking over the main status panel to display that kind of stuff on every controller event it pretty full on.

I’m not against it - just cautious. Another idea I had was displaying this in the monitor panel. ie: between the port name and the activity indicator. But still not sure you’d want this on all the time.

Not entirely sure what you mean here - do you mean just the ability to display certain values in some centralized location? Sounds like the control panel functionality that’s been raised a few times (and for which I have done some design work for, but not happy with yet).


Thank you Brad,
Maybe you could hide/unhide the levels?
That way we have the option?
Since do many synths and hosts have this, i think it’s basic?

Just the mention of the current last cc should be great, can be rather small.
I find it very useful like in avenger.
For me in stage i want to keep an eye on such things. Helps me allot, because now I’m turning knobs but am not always sure things are happening or on what level.