Yanni's "One Button" setup -- so easily accomplished using Cantabile!

This video shows Yanni demonstrating how he changes all his keyboards patches with a single button press.

Of course, this is what many of us accomplish using Cantabile! :smile:



As a postscript, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this Yanni moment, which I happened upon in the “Suggested” list at YouTube just now also.


Exactly as you said Terry…I can do with one midi controller and C3 what he does with 8 keyboards and hours of programming. Well, not performance wise, but sound wise. (I would also imagine it is a lot of show being surrounded by many keyboards) At least he says something that I have been saying all along to those afraid to use a laptop, and only feel comfortable with hardware keys…Keyboards also crash, which is his excuse for having so many. After all, they are computers too.


Pretty much!

I know I could arrange things to where I could probably perform on a single 88-key controller ala Jordan Rudess but I’m not quite ready to commit to that. I would mostly rather switch keyboards for different sounds than remember 18 state changes per song. But I may go that way some day.

Edit- actually, it’s less about remembering the changes probably and more about trusting them! I think at some point I’d get to be like The Edge; I wouldn’t even want to do it myself, I’d have a tech off-stage making the program changes and if he screwed up he’d be publicly flogged. Not that I can afford a tech.


I couldn’t afford a previously flogged tech, lol. It is kinda like the replacement keyboardist with Styx, and his spinning keyboard. There are many changes and keyboard parts he is not a part of. I am sure his techs have been properly flogged to pull off what he pretends to do.

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Actually, I wonder if the 'magic button" is really only sending a single program change to several patch lists (or patch maps), a different patch list on each keyboard? Although he says both his and the second keyboardist have all the same PATCHES, he did not mention if they are using the same patch lists (which usually can be loaded in via SYSEX separately from the patches).

That would be the old-school way of doing it, like nineties-style. That seems to be a keypad he is using, likely with an increment/decrement button as well. (Not as elegant as Torstons “Big Red Button”!) :slight_smile:


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Heh… people do need SOME way to tell who the “headliner” is! :wink:



I couldn’t even find a pic of the 2nd Asia tour- It was better!! :smiley:


Love the guy tweaking some knobs from behind the stack! :slight_smile:


Fun exercise - to create Jeff’s entire rig in C3 on one laptop… easy. :slight_smile:
(and WAY more reliable!!)


Looks like L-R
CP-70 grand
Strobe tuner
Some sort of double manual organ
Prophet 5
Maybe a Polymoog
2 x Fairlight controllers
2 x Minimoog
no idea
Prophet 10
B3 of some kind
Another Minimoog on top?

Not too difficult is it?

I think the left organ was an L100.


Could the B3 be a Porta B? I had one in the mid 70s, but can’t tell much from the pic.

Did some checking- it’s a Hammond J-122. Chopped.

Whatever it is - we can build it!

“Some sort of double manual organ” is that a Prophet 10?

No, we got that one. :slight_smile:

There should be a Solina in there somehwere… The PolyMoog got replaced by a MemoryMoog on the 2nd tour and I think at that point a PPG was in the rig too- and probably a bunch more stuff , it got up to what, 28 keyboards I think lol But I know there was a string ensemble on this tour. Gonna have to look hard for it.

Solina under the Prophet 10 I reckon.