Yamaha MOXF Users on board?

Are there more Yamaha MOXF users here. I would like to improve the usage of Cantabile especially in connection with my MOXF, esp. concerning the management of MIDI commands to control the MOXF by Cantabile.
Regards from Cologne

yep moXF 6
what’s up?

Used a MOXF8 with Cantabile for quite a while. What would you like to know?

Me too. What’s your specific question?

Hi Cantabiletadores, :wink:

thank you for your willingness to help me.
I’m interested in your way to setup the MOFX with Cantabile especially for live performances.
I’m about 80% satisfied with my setup but perhaps I’m doing things too complicated.
So here we are:
My MOXF is in SONG-Mode, Mixing, DAW-Config (Local off)


Each Part (1-16) represents a MIDI-Channel and every MIDI-Channel represents a special group of instruments pooled in a rack …

So I‘m able to change sounds by changing MIDI-Channels or rack-bindings/states. Would that be your approach, too?

I‘m using an Aturia-Keylab to operate VSTs and the MOXF remotely.

One main problem for me is to find the right (SysEx-?) Commands to change the part selection via Cantabile, to change banks and programs directly (not via rack-states) etc.
What is your way to achieve that?

Ok – thats all for the moment. I‘ll be happy with any helpful advice.

Sounds like you are most of the way there already. You just use banked program changes one the midi channel of the track you want to use to set the patches, no SysEx required. The easiest way to find the program numbers is to go to the mix screen with the patches, food the patch you want, and look at the numbers. Enter the patch number as MSB, LSB, Program.

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Thanks for your helpful advice. One more question: how could I change from song- to pattern-mode via Cantabile? Does this require SysEx commands and how can I get them for the MOXF?? I

That actually does require SysEx. I created a rack that automated that and posted it here before. If you check my profile you can probably find it.

Edit: Found it.

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Thanks a lot!! I’ll test it next weekend. It’s such a great community here - Thanks again, BigTwisty!
Kind regards

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Why don’t you use master mode on the moxF that way you can change from song mode to pattern mode to voice or performance mode .

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Master Mode, if I remember correctly, uses the MOXF as a master. Cantabile is at it’s best when IT acts as the master with the MOXF completely in slave mode; i.e. with “local control” off. This allows Cantabile to set up the layers, splits, etc.

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Ive done a bit of remote control on my moXF. When in doubt, use midiox and the editor to see how stuff is done.

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Thank you all for your helpfulness

@ rocknout: Master Mode is probably the best choice while using the MOFX alone but in MasterMode the change of Sounds cuts off the last as I can see - that’s not very smart :wink:
@ papwalker: I’ll try this MIDIOx tool ASAP
@ BigTwisty: this meets my preferences

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Hi, I’m not having a great time using VSTs and would like to use my MOXF8 more. Using (baby language) could you explain how I get access to the Yamaha’s other 12 channels and how I trigger them from my Keylab. I’m on one side of some conceptual hill and I’m sure that once someone shows me how it’s done I’ll be on the other side of that hill. So, how do I create Racks for my MOXF? Do I use Master mode or not? Should I use States?

Hi Richard,
I hope I understand correctly what you want to achieve. There are many ways you can take. One possible and simple approach: you put your MOXF into Song Mode (what is in this case IMHO better than Master Mode) with one Song-Track (1-16) representing and receiving 1 MIDI-Chanel (Song-Track 1 receiving Data on MIDI Chanel 1, Song-Track 2 receiving Data from MIDI Chanel 2, etc.). Now you create one Input Chanel per MIDI Chanel for your Keylab and you can control each Song-Track by choosing the Input-Chanel you want.
In my setup each MOXF- Song Track (= MIDI Chanel) represents a similar group of instruments (Pads, Brass, Guitars) and I can change the speicial instrument by using Song-States or Racks. Is this answer helpful? If not please try to aask in other words … I’m not a native speaker, as you surely have recognized ;-).

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You were spot on, thank you so much. It’s not what I would consider a very neat solution but it gives me access to the Yamaha’s considerable resources. I think it’s odd that the MOX only allows access to four parts in Performance mode but that’s that.
Thanks again

Check the post I linked to above. It gives a pretty good description of how to automate patch selection for your 16 parts.

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