Yamaha Montage Audio Interface

This thing is a perfect match for C3 indeed.

Config is very powerful, and the on board audio interface (USB 2.0) is more than adequate.

C3 can be routed to the Montage interface and be directed to 3 different destinations. These can be configured as 3 different outputs in C3. 2 different final hardware audio output destinations are on the Montage.

C3 Possible Output Routings in the Montage

  1. To the L/R out of the Montage, merging C3 with hardware sounds in the montage via its audio interface
  2. To the Digital Out which integrates C3 as a performance channel on the Montage offering C3 onboard effects and combines all to the L/R out.
  3. To the Assignable Out which allows C3 to use the Montage audio interface, but have it’s own dedicated L/R out.

All of these options can be running simultaneously and it handles the 256 buffer size (with O2 for example) with no clicks or pops.

If that is not enough, the Montage has an audio routing table where C3 can be integrated into the 30 virtual USB channels and out to the L/R. (I have not tried this yet). You can save 3 different audio interface routhing configs in the Montage depending on your needs.

Each of the 3 above output levels can be changed from the montage, making it act as a line mixer for virtual channels and the Montage internal engine.

For MIDI. I disable local control on the Montage and have a MIDI I/O table configured to handle all audio (C3 and Montage) and MIDI via one Montage USB connected Cable. Another controller can be connected to the Montage 5Pin DIN (SL-88) which is passed through the Montage to C3 on MIDI port 3. When it hits the MIDI routing config in C3 it can be directed to a Montage Zone or a C3 Instrument. Same goes for Montage Port 1.

It’s nice to show up to a gig and set up two keyboards/damper and volume and hook one USB to the Laptop, plug in the L/R out to the house console, and I am ready to go.

I have been pondering the Montage purchase for well over one year, and have to say that the combination of the SL-88, Montage and C3 is a force to be contended with. Montage pads and organ are not as good as O2 and Blue 3/IKmm Leslie, so I integrate them into the sounds in the Montage.

I just put this up for those who may be in the same boat as I was, wondering if the Montage was powerful enough to handle C3 and demystify the on board audio interface of the Montage. The internet says very little about the audio interface. So here it is.