Xpand!2 sometimes hangs

So after not playing for about a year I am getting my rig back together. I use the Xpand!2 plugin vst 64bit. Windows 10 latest build and latest cantabile. I use it for a B3, harmonica, accordion, strings, etc. Some basic acoustic instruments when I do not need a sample based or highly accurate version. Normally no issue with the plugin. It is loads quick and is light on cpu. The past week or so I am running into some patches sticking. I have to mute the plugin. restarting the audio or resetting all sounds off does not work. If I enable the plugin it is still playing stuck notes. I will try to recreate this evening and post the profiler results. Any ideas?

Does it stop by clicking the panic button (upper right corner triangle with exclamation)? There were some issues earlier on with sticking notes, but I think a lot of it had to do with the controller. I still get an occasional sticking note when doing a glissando with organ plugins. I assigned the panic button to one of my controller pads. Just in case, make sure you have the latest version of Xpand! If you do, try re-installing the plugin. There have been many changes in Cantabile in the past year, and my older machine needed some attention after those changes. I had to re-install a few plugs, and update others.

That would definitely be a pain in the rear.

I’ve had some issues with Xpand! too, I can’t remember exactly what caused them, but it would hang randomly with a stuck note(s). I stopped using it after that, so never found a solution…

Sorry for posting without any sort of answer, but I thought I’d chime in so you know that it’s not just you having issues @oddfact


@Corky The panic button will stop the hang until reactivate the plugin. Latest version of xpand!. I will try reinstalling.

@Toaster this happened before but creating a new song helped. This time am getting across songs without a shared rack. I will keep playing with it. For now I am running different plugins.

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