XILS-4 forgetting sequence when loading Preset

Hi folks… I have a question for anyone using XILS-4 with Cantabile. I have a song using XILS-4 which uses a sequence (a kind of simple argegiatted pattern which I can trigger with one key and latches on). However when I open a fresh.new instance of Cantabile, the sound/preset loads but the sequence is empty (the preset sound is fine). When I reselect the patch (from within XILS GUI not the Cantabile preset) it loads the sequence fine. I have tried using states to save this as Entire Bank but it always seems to load without the sequence when opening Cantabile new again. Any ideas what could be happening here or what settings I should be using so the XILS sequence loads up? At the moment I’m just using a trigger; loading the GUI on song load so I can manually switch the patch back but its really puzzling me… Hope someone could give some advice on what I could try. Thanks in advance!