Wrong items placement in 3696 [SOLVED]

Hi all,

After the 3696 update, this happens:

VSTs, menu items, etc. are (un)centered in bottom-left corner. The plugin browser, on the other hand, is ok. Needless to say I din’t touch any setting.
Before fiddling with the configuration JSON, any hint?


Hi Paolo,

Can’t think of anything that would have caused this.

  • What version of Cantabile were you running before 3696?
  • If you go back to your previous build do things appear correctly?


Hi Brad,

I was on 3695. I’ll try to revert to that version today. If unsuccessfully, I’ll reinstall 3696 from scratch.
I’ll keep you posted.


Reverting to 3695 had been unsuccessful. I uninstalled, clean up AppData\Local\Topten, and reinstalled 3696. The weird behavior is gone.

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