Working with Kontakt


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I’ve been considering whether to go with an SSD or an mSATA drive, since my computer has an available slot for an mSATA device, and currently one can get a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO unit for just over $100. (Or 500GB for $166!)

It there a reason NOT to go with mSATA? It is rated at 6Gbits/sec just like the SATA SSD would do in my machine.



I thought mSATA was an SSD drive…?? Now I must Google.

Dang, computer tech is sort of racing on and leaving me in the dust. I feel old lol


I am old …:sleeping:


I get it worked :slight_smile:

On the end the best was for me the RAM upgrade solution.
I upgraded to 32gb RAM. The intersting thing: even I have so far now nearly 100 hundred Kontakt orchestra instances (as a test), it needs “only” 20-22gb RAM. So always enough in reserve (for more).
So I added so far also a lot of Omnisphere, Zebra, Nexus patches. Everything is preloaded. Great!
And, I had not to rework my Kontakt multies.
Also great: all the instances of the VSTi preloads quite fast.

Off topic: I always working now only with linked racks and states (beside song). This is really great!
I made racks for single VSTi with the best of presets behind (by genre). Now I can/could combine each VSTi/preset with other VSTi/presets and everything is preloaded. So, with C3 have now such much more opportunities and get them work out very fast.
C3 is really a great or the best DAW :wink:


Thanks for posting the positive outcome @Bladerunner. Sounds like you are ready to make music!