Woodies B3 and Hammond / Leslie video

Maybe the organ grinders here will find it interesting, it’s a bit long, but it’s about the real thing, plugins and Leslie etc.


Yeah, Northern Europeans have always been different. Channeling David Bowie I guess :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, I stupidly though the whole speaker assembly in the cabinet rotated somehow. I always wondered about them using ‘slip rings’ or something. So I learnt something.
Here is another guy who does things very differently, nominally a progressive-rocker but some may really like this piece. I love it.


I’ve watched a few of Woody’s videos. In the video he demonstrates the Yamaha YC61 and spends some time in Blue3 which sounded very good in the video. Then he jumps over to Andreas Hellkvist explaining how his B3 and Leslie function and he plays a bit (seems very good). Then Woody goes back to the YC61. At one point he comments that the VST’s are more accurate and richer sounding but he thinks the YC61 sounds good enough for performing in a band. I’m not sure it even sounded as good as a Nord. I felt the video was worth watching just to see and hear the YC61.

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Andreas was very good- a badass on pedals! And yeah, I thought the Yamaha was pretty weak. And he used Blue 3 to demo the concept of a Leslie which I find appalling- Blue 3 is a great Hammond VST but the Leslie is subpar even to the old VB3 v1 (all in my humble opinion of course).

I was tooling around with my Minilogue using a single osc sawtooth and every thing else ‘off’. Watching the FFT spectrum working the filter and wave shape when I stumbled across a cool organ basis. Just NOT enough oscillators (tone wheels)!!!
Everyone should own a Minilogue.

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Interesting thought- you could chain a few virtual mono synths together, like the Softube Mode 72 or even maybe virtual MS-20s if you want to stay in the Korg realm. Results could be fun. I bet Cantabile would make it easy to have 9 synths set up as virtual tone wheels, that could be controlled in level individually and then all sent to a Leslie.

I’m glad you said virtual! My pocket aren’t as deep as yours :slight_smile:
In looking for details for the B3 pick-ups I found these interesting items.

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Ha, my pockets are anything but deep.