Wonder why Cantabile "forgot" all my settings

I had Cantabile all configured with 20 voices or so as plug-ins and routes in a song. During Covid restrictions, I assumed everything would remain the same - but I’ve just opened Cantabile (granted, it was November when restrictions kicked in) and everything is gone. There are zero configurations. I wonder what I did wrong to cause it to forget all my settings?

In the AppData\Local\toptensoftware folder you will find your Cantabile folder containing the settings.json file and likely several older settings files with numbers in the filename.

Try renaming the “settings.lastgood.json” file to settings.json or do similar with the numbered ones and see if your settings return?

Or look for a settings.json file elsewhere on your drive that might be the one you had used back then.


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You can click the “Open Settings Folder” item in the Tools menu to jump to that folder.

Strangest thing ever. All of those are empty too. What in the world could I have done wrong during those 4 months of inactivity? I had sooooooo many details worked out with VSTs and indicators on an Akai remote and my Komplete keyboard. I’m so discouraged - if I have to start from scratch. Took me HOURS. But - it’s all empty.

From the main “My PC” page in Windows Explorer, do a system-wide search for settings.json or settings*.json as that might turn something up that changed drives. Perhaps you are using a different user profile now. Make sure you have Show hidden folders checked at the top in the View section of Window Explorer.


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Do you empty your trash? If the files were accidentally deleted hopefully they are still recoverable. My guess is that Terry is correct though; I bet they’re somewhere.

Wooooooooooo-hooooooooooooooooo! I was thinking I had saved them as a SONG. But I just happened to remember that I had made a screencast video to ask you guys if I was doing this correctly – so I went back and found that video and – guess what!!! I used the “background rack” to create the voices!!!


Please forgive the intrusion. The voices are still there. I just needed to open the background rack!!! That’s what a pandemic will do to a person who quits playing for 5 months!!!


Back at it. Thanks again.


Aha! Glad you worked that out!