Wish to hide Columns was possible


It would be desirable if you could completely hide unused columns

so when you work only with midi and ‘NoSound’ it would be great i could hide controll and Indicators on the main site completly

for other columns it works but not for this both
…It would make my surface much clearer


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Seems reasonable - Logged it.

@ brad

…and the better case would be to have an visible-option inside the rack to switch elements (hide-unhide)
…so not the complete coloumn to hide only sliders…we don’t use

…because sometimes a slider is very usefull when linking to midi

…but many racks need no slider

so it was only an idea for better individual structure on the display


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+1 on being able to configure a rack to hide certain elements when placed in a song. Particularly sliders.

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Maybe in this case I am using a rack as controller for Lights…

Here a Scanner Gobo …the Slider is able to Change the Gobospeed
…for this Case it would be nicer to have also a slider that shows maybe 0%-100% (and not Gain)
for Users like me :slight_smile:

…or a USER-Defined Slider …or plus catching at specific point or…:wink:

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