Wish to have access from bindings to Hotkeys

@ brad
There are many functions that are only available as ‘Hot Keys’ …
so it would be great to have access to all this commands with a binding to ‘Hot keys’.

For me at the moment there is no way to open a new State dialog remote controlled by my touch controller…

…after a little bit of rethinking I think it will be a solution to work also with bome midi translator… that will also make the directly sending of Keystrokes to AutoHotKey possible.

…also not the solution because I can not send Keystrokes to Cantabile with focus on Chameleon :persevere::tired_face::sob::crazy_face:

but why not to have bindings in Cantabile that can call the HotKeys??
…would be much easyer than writing an exe-File for each Cantabile Hotkey I need

Cheers Jürgen