Windows update invalidated Cantabile Lite, cannot re-install

Hello, my Windows 11 computer performed an unusually large update last night and wiped out my Cantabile Lite license. This is the third time over the years a Windows OS update has done that and is the reason I eventually downgraded from Solo to Lite.

So, I downloaded the new Cantabile 4 and can’t find a method to re-install Lite. It’s insisting on a license for installing Solo. Am I missing something here?

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Are you getting a particular error message?

There is no separate installation for Live, Solo, or Performer. After installation, you need to activate Cantabile, and it will provide you with the functionality according to your license.

Log in to the user portal to see the current state of your licenses.

Also see the Licensing guide for how to apply and to change the current license in Cantabile.

Hope this helps!



Thanks guys. I was stuck in some kind of licensing loop: it wouldn’t forget that I had an expired Solo license and wouldn’t offer me a Lite alternative.

I solved it by starting fresh, uninstalling and re-installing using an alternate email address. So, I’m OK again and everything’s good.

It’s annoying, though, that three times now Windows OS updates have wiped out my computer’s Cantabile license, requiring me to either re-register or buy an extension. I love using it, but it’s the only software that puts me through this.

What build of Cantabile are you running? There used to be a problem as you describe, but that was fixed in Build 3658 (Oct 2020).

Ah, OK that build was from 2019. I’ve now uninstalled it and replaced it with the latest build, so I guess I’ll be good now. Thanks!

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@JimboKeys, what was the nature of the fix? Was it my license looping problem, or was it the license wipeout during OS updates? Because if it’s the latter, I’ll upgrade back to Solo.

Build 3658 fixed the issue of needing to reactivate after Windows update – noted by Brad in
So you should be OK to upgrade your license back to Solo,.

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Thanks! All is good again.