Windows onscreen keyboard and Roland SRX vst causes Cantabile to hang

While setting presets for a Roland SRX vst, when I bring up the Windows OSK, Cantabile freezes. Nothing is responsive. Windows is still responding, so the only way to exit is to use task manager to “End Task”.
If I set all the presets first and then open the OSK to rename them all, it works fine. But if I set each preset one at a time and try to rename each, after two or three Cantabile hangs.
Every other vst works fine.
Has anyone else experienced this behavior with other plugs?

So, is it a bug in the Roland SRX plugins? What say you Brad?

An FYI for anyone thinking about using Roland’s SRX plugins. Don’t do it.
After the install and authorization, the computer needs an Internet connection at least once a week to “re-authorize” (aka phone home). I removed them and requested a refund. To their credit, Roland did approve the refund and de-activation.