Windows analyzing tools

Hey people,

I now try to optimize my system and I sometimes have some crackles and pops which I’m very sure are not related to Cantabile or to my buffer settings because they happen also if I set the buffer size to a very high setting. I see that the % in Cantabile go up to 300-400% for a short period of time. This happens once about 2min after boot everytime. Also I had a 7h-rehearsal today and had the same effect a few times.

So I assume that windows stalls the CPU for some reason and I’d like to know what that is. So I’d like to ask you what kind of windows-analyzing-tools you know.

There is LatencyMon which I’ll run tomorrow in the next 10h-rehearsal. Also there is ProcessMon but this shows tons of events… anyway I’ll try that.

Is there anything else I should know?



Hi Chris,

If you haven’t already please read the glitch free ebook that Brad wrote. Lots of good info for getting rid of the crackles and pops.


Sure… I already did all that stuff… :wink:

By the way: For people who don’t want to go to deep into the windows environment, you can use this litte tool to disable core-parking:

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also you can use ProcessLasso to manage your cpu usage and core management…

but for me the only way is the good old way with keyboardhardware and no audio modus… that’s glitch free ever and all the time :wink:

Very true, but you then miss out of some fantastic VSTis :slight_smile:

Hi Derek…

at the moment I think it is feasible to make all possible Sounds with my two Instruments.
why should i use many vst’s with very good sounds when i could also realize this whitout risk of dropout’s directly on my instrument :nerd_face:

…and with cantabile I have all the time the option…it is no problem to add a vst to a sound set in case of nothing else is possible to have a specific sound wonder. realy cool to coud do it if I want :grinning:

Hi, Juergen

I’m with you to a degree :slight_smile: in that I considered going all VSTi, but decided that what I want to do music wise is probably too taxing for a single computer right now. Maybe in ten years…

So, like you, I have two very good “hardware” boards and a Nord G2 Engine for good measure in my rig, but I can then turn to an impressive array of VSTis for the icing on the cake. :slight_smile:

In my tests so far, the majority of VSTis are using only about 10% audio load, so I think they are good to use with little risk, maybe even a couple at the same time. CPU hogs like DIVA are running about 20%-40% depending on the sound, number of voices, stacking and rendering mode, but so far I have yet to experience dropouts even with DIVA, and it sounds awesome. :slight_smile:

For years I have been messing with VSTis in the studio, but not doing much with them as I have not had the means to recreate their sound live. Now Cantabile on a highly optimised computer is giving me that choice now! :slight_smile: