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Hello everyone! I’m new here and am so impressed with Cantabile. I used Reaper as a live vst host 7 or 8 years ago and Im really excited to build my rig in Cantabile. I just bought a new computer with windows 11 and noticed Windows 11 isn’t listed as a supported OS. Should I be concerned and can someone explain or link me to something explaining why? Thank you guys!

I’ve been running Cantabile on Win11 systems for quite some time now - no issues at all.

Just make sure that your audio interface has Win11 compatible drivers.



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Nice that sets my mind at ease. But still curious why it’s not listed just for curiosity sake. Nice to know I wont run into another situation like I had with Nekos Music OS host.

I have Cantabile on Windows 11 and it works great.

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No issues.

It works on Windows 11, no issues with the latest build.

no problems here as well…

Are there any services in Win11 that we need to be wary of?

I haven’t noticed much difference between Win11 and Win10, so far everything I’ve installed works on 11. Even drivers for Win10 still work fine. I guess it depends on the fact that both have (almost) the same core.
Win11 tries to persuade you to use lighter power management settings, but these are just warnings.

If you don’t like the new start menu, don’t install programs that recreate the Win10 style (like Start11). I had some major video and system glitches and a drop in PC stability.

Win11 likes to show a lot of notifications, I have disabled almost all of them, including (very important) all system sounds. Even the latest versions of Win10 mimic many of the features of 11, so I decided not to update 10 after 21H2, at least on my gig PC. This may not be smart, but it works fine.

About the services, they are basically the same as in Win10, but which one to stop is quite personal.
Core-parking is difficult to disable with the tip from GlitchFree. I use a third party program (ParkControl by Bitsum) in its free version.
Another program I love is Winaero Tweaker, which allows you to disable many things without having to rummage through policies and the registry. However, it requires a good deal of in-depth knowledge of Windows, so be careful if you use it.

My 2 cents.

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Neglect on my part. I’ll get the requirements updated. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.