Windows 10 tweaks for best perofrmance?

Hi all,

Aside from the great tips from GlitchFree which boost performance as well but mostly are for stability do you use or recommend any additional performance enhancing tweaks for windows 10?

There are also this scripts that remove so many elements of windows one might consider “bloaty”.

Any opinions? :slight_smile:

Hi Ofer,

This post from last year has a link to a powershell script that removes unwanted Win10 apps.

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This is also quite interesting…


Among others, I used Winaero Tweaker. It’s very easy to use, unwanted features can be disabled (or enabled!) just by a checkbox. Be careful anyway, This program requires knowledge of Windows components and services. It’s definitely not a good solution for whom lacks of IT skills.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I’ll do the molten music stuff since I was planning on it anyway, it’s pretty basic but I’m wondering about solutions like decrappifier and tweaked, don’t to accidentally break my PC because of these. did any of you experience a real change in performance ?

No, break a PC is not so common. The Windows recovery feature is able to revert to a previous healthy state, if a wrong tweak is set (on Mac there is a similar feature named Time Machine).
Is this huge bunch of tweaks mandatory? Not really. Minor tweaks can help the PC performances, the only important thing is putting the power settings to avoid any energy saving off.