Windows 10 Creators Update

Hey All,

Just a quick note about Windows 10 Creators Update which is starting to be rolled out… I installed it yesterday and while testing with Cantabile went really well - no issues with Cantabile, nor with the half dozen plugins I quickly tried it did break quite a few other apps I had installed. Most notably Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, but others too.

I’ve rolled back now and everything is working fine again.

In other words, unless you’ve got time to thoroughly test your rig, it’s probably wise to push back on the update for a while (and seriously do not install it 10 mins before the Friday night gig :slight_smile:)



I locked my w10 music laptop completely down. :slight_smile:
Windows Updates are disabled and I don’t go surfing around with it.
Just music, no more no less, even to that point where I almost don’t update my music software also.
So many times I had Reaper letting me down after an update, so from now on it stays on the eternaly stable working version 5.25 :wink:
C3 updates went ok till now :slight_smile: