Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Bluetooth LE

Windows 10 Anniversary update includes some exciting enhancements for audio and MIDI, especially with the support for Bluetooth LE. Does Cantabile work with bluetooth MIDI controllers such as the Xkey Air from CME?


Cantabile will work with any device for which a MIDI device driver is installed. I’m assuming this will work with XKey Air and Windows 10’s support for Bluetooth MIDI but have contacted XKey to confirm.

I’ll post back here when I know for sure.

Reply from CME:

The MIDI data of Xkey is standcard. It should work with Cantabile. But windows 10 isn’t compatibility Bluetooth MIDI now. For more info you can check below link:
MIDI over Bluetooth in windows 10 - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums
If you want to use Bluetooth MIDI connection from Xkey air to Windows. You need to use WIDI Bud ( Thanks.

Hi Brad, thanks for the info. I’m using the Surface Pro 4 right now and it only has 1 USB, which is being occupied by the sound card already. Was hoping that I can use the XKey with bluetooth.

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