Windows 10 20H2 and EMU 1212/1820


Just thought I’d post this here as it might help others.

I recently updated to the latest Windows 10 20H2 as the old version will soon be out of support (no more security updates), and following the update, my trusty old EMU 1212M was no longer working. You get an error message saying you insufficient resources or similar.

The same thing also happened to me last time I did a major Windows update, so at least I hoped the same solution would work, and it did

The fix is documented here

And just in case this ever disappears, I have created a PDF Guide - EMU1212 and Windows 10

After 10 minutes, it was all running again.

Now all I need to do is fix the lack of Kronos MIDI (probably the usual Korg enumeration problem exceeding the Windows 10 MIDI device limit of ten) and the Steinberg Cubase elicenser errors I am getting.

I hate updating!!!

If Brad ever gets that Cantabile port working on Mac…

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Mac updates haven’t been fun lately either :grimacing:

To be fair, the Mac disruption is most likely due to the generational change in the preparation to move to Apple Silicon, whereas Windoze is Windoze

So, I spent three hours today resolving the other problems caused by the update (and those are the ones I spotted so far)

  • EMU 1212 nobbled, but resolved as per post

  • Korg Kronos USB driver nobbled as the update removes the MIDI driver Aliases and you have to put them back, but that is quite a faff and requires you to dive into the registry

  • Steinberg eLicenser causes issues until you run as an Administrator and “repair it”

  • RNDIS driver for Korg Wavestate (Microsoft’s own driver, nothing to do with Korg) library access is nobbled until you force a reinstall of the driver in Device Manager

  • ???

I did take a disc image before the update, so can revert if I need to…

I think I am there now…

That is quite a list of disruption…and we’re the type who can get through it. Wonder if the M1 will end up shaking up the music software business once it’s ubiquitous.

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