Wind Controllers Add-On


Hey… for all interested (and as a former horn player myself, I am very intrigued) I have been searching for a good sax plugin…and who isn’t and decided to do a quick search for a wind controller that can hook up to a synth or controller and stumbled across this.

The link off of it is for a youTube video which is

Also, 4 versions of this product can be found here:

This is a good video to watch demonstrating the capability of this product.

This certainly adds a different dimension to playing solos and as you can see from the videos, even orchestral arrangements can benefit from a new level of expression.


Possibly a good match-up for this would be the Linplug “Saxlab”, which is on sale now due to their closing operations and retiring.



Terry…I saw that and thought they were just bailing out. For the price, it seems like a good option



There are also some nice M1 patch libraries customized to breath controllers - they seem to work with the Legacy Collection M1 plugin as well. Lookee here!

Plus, for the NativeInstruments users here, there is a free Reaktor ensemble called Silverwood - also really interesting!

But of course, the ultimate saxophone VST is probably the Sample Modeling Saxophones family - that one’s high on my GAS-list…




Torsten…it’s high on my wish it was more affordable list. Great sounds, but pricey. Hard to believe there are not more sax plugins that sound realistic.