Win 10 LTSB? Anyone tried it?

I’m hearing rumblings about this for DAW machines and it sounds like exactly what we want:


Yup exactly what I want. No Edge or Cortana for a start! :slight_smile:

Didn’t know! Where can i get it?

Anyway, i use UWT4 for disabling most features and updates

You can’t get it. It’s only for commercial (volume licensed) customers running the Enterprise Edition, and is provided primarily for “internet of things” type devices.

So_Gody hs the right idea - disable the features you don’t want or need. WHile many people THINK they want LTSB, in real terms it is for a select subset of the customers above.

So, what exactly is UWT4?

Hello my good EX5 friend :slight_smile:
Ity’s a handy Windows tweaker that gives you opportunity to lock the update functions :slight_smile:
Comes as standalone, but use with care!

According to that article you can get it even though it’s technically only supposed to be part of an Enterprise edition. It’s a 90 day trial and then it will start bugging you to activate but it will continue to run if you don’t activate. It’s a legit MS download, not some sketchy torrent kind of thing. That’s how I read it anyway.

What I want to know is will it install over an existing install or do you have to blast your partition and start over.

Thanks. Will have to look into that.

I’m downloading LTSB at this very moment. Will let you know! It seems it will install fine over Home or Pro editions of Win10. The real question is what happens after 90 days. The answer supposedly is nag screens but not much else.

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What were your results trying Windows 10 LTSB?

As far as getting it legitimately, it’s a “good news - bad news - good news - bad news - sorta good news” thing…

Good news: You can get it legitimately as an upgrade to Windows 10 Professional from CDW.

Bad news: You have to be a Microsoft Volume Licensing customer.

Good news: The bar to be a VL customer is relatively low.

Bad news: You have to make an initial purchase of six Enterprise products.

Sorta good news: If you purchase Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade with 1 year of Software Assurance (support), it counts as two products. The Microsoft SKU number is KV3-00262. It’s not cheap, you already have to have a valid Win 10 Professional license, and you have to initially buy three of them to become a Volume Licensing customer, so it’s pushing a grand. However if you’re like me and have a Cantabile laptop, another laptop as a hot spare, and a desktop DAW, you need three licenses anyway.

Really, a VST instrument host should be considered a device dedicated to a singular purpose–no different than a hardware synthesizer. For a live rig, you need something that you can power up at any time and depend on it working 100% of the time without unexpected updates and glitches. (I’ve had Apple updates hose things up too many times too, so a Mac isn’t the answer either.) Combined with the discipline to keep the laptop disconnected from the Internet 99.9% of the time, Win 10 LTSB* is the “pro” way to go, provided it’s supported by Cantabile and VST/interface vendors.

(*The current version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB is at Build 1607, which is the version of Windows 10 that came out in July of 2016. The only updates it gets are critical security patches. The next release of LTSB will be in 2019.)

I chickened out and never installed it. I had gigs coming up and didn’t want to mess with things. I may go back and look at it again now… I keep the wifi adapter off on that laptop and never turn it on which is why I’ve been safe from updates so far.