Will performance improve using an external SSD drive... even marginally?

Everything i’ve read leans toward saying that you won’t get much performance improvement using an external drive when you already have an internal SSD. By performance I mean cpu load and glitching, not latency. I use my rig for gigs, not recording.

I recently got a small 500GB external SSD(USB 3.0 and was wondering if it would make sense to load all my backing tracks and sample libraries on there. I’ve tweaked and optimized my rig and am right at the threshold of glitching… no glitches at 88.2/64 smaples, latency of 6.3ms with a Scarlett 2i4. I’ve also optimized my plugs by replacing a couple of cpu heavy plugs with lighter ones. So all my sessions are glitch free, but on some of them if I add one more plug I get some glitches. And my load meter in C2 sometimes spikes up to 70% on my more plug/vsti-heavy sessions, although oddly I don’t get a glitch when it does that.

So since I already have that external drive, if it would give me a little more “overhead buffer” on my cpu that would be worth it. I have an internal SSD drive, running C2 Solo, on a Vaio with i7 Intel 2640M 2.8/3.5 turbo, quad core, 8gb RAM.

I know the best test is to just try it but before I spend a bunch of time copying stuff over I thought I’d see if anyone else has experience with this.

Last, while I’m at it, does anyone know a good, scientific way to test cpu load for individual plugs? I’ve read that you jsut keep adding the same instance of one plug until it glitches, then do the same with other plugs and compare.
But I’m wondering if there’s a utility that actually measure the plugs load?



I think you’d have to test it to know for sure - there’s too many factors to be able to guess what might happen.

Not that I’m aware of. (although I’m considering adding something like this (per-plugin load monitoring) to Cantabile 3).


Thanks Brad. That would be a great feature!

Working on a system now that should be able to give very fine grained break down into everything the audio engine is doing. As long as I can make it work without impacting the engine performance (not simple) it should give some good insights. I’m also hoping to include performance history (say 5 minutes worth) so if something glitches you can go back and see what happened.


Huge fan of this development!

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I’m a huge fan.