WIDI Bud Pro Bluetooth MIDI adapter

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Hi All,

Looks promising as far as working with Cantabile. On sale for 35 bucks



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Man, it may be great but MIDI Bluetooth makes my butt clench :smiley:


Yeah, not really eager to add another layer of latency - plus, my days of jumping around with a Keytar are over (hmm, actually, I never did that :grin:), so I can’t see the value of going wireless with my very stationary keyboards…


Since I am using cheaper controllers now onstage, I only have keyboard power thru USB. But, if I use my powered “wall-wart” primo controllers (not battery powered), it is still tethered to a power source, so I don’t see any gain with a MIDI adapter. If I did use a battery powered controller, it adds substantial weight to the keyboard, and also adds further worry to the integrity of the rig.
I never use more than 2 keyboards anyway, so 2 USB cables is not a hassle compared to dealing with bluetooth, but it is good to know they are improving latency.

Just the thought of sliding across the stage on my knees (which I did a few times playing sax) makes my bones hurt. But with a keyboard…totally impossible. I would need a few people to help me up, and put me in the ambulance. But, at least I would leave a lasting impression. :roll_eyes:

Ahhh, what we do for Rock 'n Roll! I now go to the bar and ask for a glass of ice water and some Naproxen. :weary: :older_adult:


I have 3 WIDI masters. Why? Well, why did the guy climb the mountain? Anyway, I use them, and they are pretty darn good. I’ll check out that dongle thingy.


Just pre-ordered. Why? Because it was there at 50% off.

me too :grimacing: