Whos tried MULAB 7 DAW?

As a studio DAW this things a killer. Made by a dedicated Belgian guy beavering away for decades.
So far it has managed to do everything I do in Cubase (for example) and the interface is more intuitive and way faster. It’s like moving from DOS to Windows.
It uses less than half the CPU.
I’ve had no trouble with any VSTs.
It comes with a range of instruments and effects that you can edit right down to the VCO or adding another oscillator or some other primitive or build you own from scratch including the front panel. You can even embed a VSTi or effect into your instrument.
It does automation, side chaining, wave editing with a range of DSP functions, randomization, the usual piano roll and best of all the project can be displayed in MUX view where you can connect MIDI or audio data between inputs / outputs and racks and instruments or MIDI outputs.

If you have some spare time give it a try.

Does it have anything like Cubase’s ‘Expression Maps’?

Not sure but I think you could certainly build a ‘patch’ that works on key switching and articulations etc.
See below for a list of modifiers (Audio and Midi)

This might be what I’ve been looking for! I’ll check it out.

I use the MUX Plugin inside Cantabile. Absolute stunning. Great FX and great gimmicks. For 100€ it’s a beast!

It reminds me off Bidule. But MUX is less math and looks nicer! :slight_smile: I build my own MultiFX with it and it works great. Although it’s a bit of a pain, that you can not automate switches (f.e. switch an FX on / off). So you have to add a potentiometer in MUX which does this task.

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It’s amazing that you get the DAW and MUX.
Even the bloody metronome in the DAW is made with MUX.

I’ve been torture testing it for three days now (MAC version) and I love it.
It looks a bit EDM but it’s more than capable of soundtrack and Film Scoring.
Speaking Plogue, the sfz runs crackingly well in mulab.

I wonder if the event modules could do something?
If Jo adds scripting like Reaper et al it would smash everything else in my book.