White fader knob disappears when setting low / high volumes

Hey guys,

since I have started working with Cantabile there is some kind of strange behavior regarding the “knob” of the levels of an object:

When you set it either to a very low or high setting it disappears. Why?

Does this makes any sense?


Hi Chris,

I’ve seen behavior like this in other windows apps if the display is made more readable by increasing the DPI (or whatever other method might be used) to make a small screen easier to read.


This is almost certainly a side effect of using a binding that sets the value outside the range displayable by the slider. What do you have selected in Options -> Keyboard and Controls -> Control Curves?

I use encoders so there is no curve.

Actually there are still two curves used - the MIDI one and the slider one. And even so there is still a range associated with the binding.

I think the problem here is that the default MIDI curve allows gain values up to 14db, but the default slider only goes to 7.3.

Try either:

  1. setting the max range of the binding to 7.3 and it should clamp it appropriately.
  2. changing all three the curve settings to use the same curve.


Okay. But why does the slider only goes to 7.3db but can go to +14db when accessed via midi?

That is entirely up to you: you can set the slider curve, level meter curve and MIDI control curve separately:

You can actually define your own control curve → see the guides section on Control Curves

When the curves are all the same, the slider shouldn’t disappear, but sometimes it is useful to have a different MIDI control curve (e.g. I prefer to have 0 dB at MIDI value 64)




Ah, alright. Now I know what you mean!

Okay. So I see… if I set it to “Classic” it seems to work like I expect.


This one just bit me … was scratching my head for a while when the “ball” on my volume slider evaporated.

I am wondering if the default values for Tools => Options => Keyboard & Controls => Control Curves should all be the same? It would avoid this issue. (But maybe the MIDI Control Curve setting is set to “Cantabile (Classic MIDI)” for a good reason? So as not to break legacy setups??).

Amazing. I thought I knew Cantabile. But the Control Curves option was new to me.
This forum, as well as Cantabile, rocks! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: