Which current Touchscreen Monitor or tablet are you using for Live use?

Getting a new rackmount pc and trying to decide which monitor solution to get, solely for Live use (I have dual monitors in the studio for practice/editing.). I’m sold on a touchscreen, and I have a laptop stand, so I can also have a mouse and mini keyboard on standby until I gain confidence in the touchscreen. I’ve read several posts but haven’t seen any very recent ones that deal with tablet vs. monitor. I read here abou the GEChic 1303H but also found the GEChic 1503i which is touchscreen and 15". Bigger is better for me and I have the real estate on the latop stand. I play guitar and wind instrument so I’m standing all the time.

However, I was thinking about getting an actual tablet so I could use it to set up the FOH mix on a Behringer XR18 or X32 or a similar board which I’ll get in a few months, but also use it as my primary monitor for C3. I like the double-duty concept but then I quickly realized it could be a bad idea… if the tablet is running in Android to control the mixer, not sure how windows remote desktop or some of the 3rd party apps like Spacedesk would handle that… could I switch between the mixer app and “monitor mode” for C3? And I’ve read there could be some lag there?

If anyone is doing that successfully I’d be really interested. But if not I think it’s always best to have dedicated mixer control that’s instantly accessible, for feedback or whatever.

In Live use, I use an FCB1010 to control everything in C3… song previous/next, state previous/next, Panic, etc. So the monitor is mostly for show notes and monitoring C3. Thanks for the help!

The 1303 I have has been superb so no reason why a larger variant shouldn’t be as well.