Where did "Save Set List As" option go?

Often I open a set list which has some common settings/parameters, and maybe even songs I might want to replicate, and save it as a new set list with a new name. That option has oddly disappeared from the File menu in a recent version (I’m using 3.0 build 3653). Is this a bug or on purpose?

Now I have to go to find the file in Windows Explorer, make a copy, rename it, then go back to Cantabile, browse to find that file, and open that set list file.

Hi Lowell,

It’s still around, you need to focus on the set list first, then open the file sandwich menu and it will be there near the bottom. When you focus on an object in the routing, binding or notes panes it will show Save Song instead. Also there is a sandwich menu icon on the set list itself in the upper right corner that has a save as command.



Video explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmNZOE77INM#t=20m22s

Ah, OK, that’s where they are. Also, “Set List” is always highlighted already for me; clicking on it makes no visual difference so it looks like it already is in focus. The hamburger menu is the most reliable way then for me to get to that command. Thanks much!

I keep having to come here, search for the menu option, and review the comments here as I can’t find the Save Set List Copy As menu item. Could that be added into the File, Set List sub-menu?

Things have probably moved around a little, but that menu command is available in two places:

  1. If you put focus in the set list panel, the main File menu will have that command: (note the commands i the main file menu change depending where focus is - so focus has to be in the set list panel).

  2. In the set list panel hamburger menu:

Does that help?

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It does, thanks Brad. I just have to remember to first click on the right area.