Where can I find network server option?



Jordi here. I’m new to the forum, cantabile and keyboards :slight_smile:

I can not find how to activate “Network server” on the options. I’m using build 3558 and I can’t find it in Options > Miscellanous > Network Server, as stated in the guides.

I’m a web programmer and yesterday was thinking on making a node.js application to control remotely from web and using midi in the server to control Cantabile, and then I found the network server in the guides. It will be a lot easier by using it. But today I wanted to start testing it and can not find it anywhere.

Could someone help?


Do you use Win7? It’s not supported on this OS.


Check through the original thread here:


Thank you for your fast answers.

Yes, that’s clearly the problem. I was searching on forums before posting but somehow I managed to not read minimum windows version.

Now everything gets a little more complicated again for me :frowning:

Maybe its time to upgrade Windows :stuck_out_tongue:


I had the same problem on Win7, but it works well on my Win8 backup laptop.