When switching to complex songs, graphics and show notes don't change


When I switch to a song with a good amount of plugins and a few backing tracks, C3 seems to hang… the new song title, song states, and everything stays on the previous song. This happens regardless of being in Live mode or not. But if I minimize then maximize the window, problem goes away and everything appears as it should. Is anyone else having this issue?

I’m currently using the laptop display and a 2nd monitor, so that could be it, need to test that… but i’d like to be able to keep using 2 monitors if at all possible. I also have about 45 songs in my set list, and still need to break it up into sets, although Load All songs in setlist is presently turned off. Again, i’d like to keep about 45-50 songs on my list so we can change the Set on the fly, as we sometimes do.

My CPU load ranges from about 10%-20% on average, song switching time runs around 45%. Any ideas on resolving this? I tried a few resolutions and Clone Displays and Extended desktop, but that didn’t change anything. And now that I think of it, the resolution on the laptop is set to a different rate than the Monitor, so maybe that’s a factor…?


Hmmm. Am I the only one experiencing this? Am I missing something stupid? Tried everything, and using only the laptop display doesn’t fix it either. It’s a big problem, last gig it was driving me crazy and caused a lot of delays between songs… which sort of defeats the whole purpose of C3 fast switching. Going to look for a new display driver but I don’t think that’s going to work, pretty sure I have the latest. But that’s the last thing I can think of.


Was it working well before your last gig? Are you preloading your set list? Have you tested using the C3 resource monitor? Have you tried changing settings Tools>Options>General?


Thanks Corky. I did find that pre-load setlist was off, and that did solve it. Thanks!