When I try to load Kontact 7.vst3 I get an error message

When I try to load Kontact 7.vst3 I get the following error message:

Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘input’)

Any ideas? Thanks.

Not sure what would cause the issue but if that was happening to me I would next try the VST2 to see if that works. Once in a while VST3 glitches happen to me. The latest was after updating to Amplitube 5.5.1 the VST2 works but the VST3 crashes Cantabile. I haven’t done any troubleshooting yet because the VST2 works fine and I find that upcoming updates or either Cantabile or Amplitube often fix things like this.


according NI, Kontakt7 is not available in vst2. I didn’t try it yet, planned to update my Komplete12u to 14u as soon I’m back home.

Yeah, I’m just going with the Kontakt 6 player. That should be fine. Seems to be working so far. Thanks

Kontakt updated to 7. It works fine.