What's your preferred method for changing states?


Not with underage women or contraband, presumably.


Nah…just old hags, discount beer, and empty wallet. :yum:

BTW Fred…saw an interview you did a few years back on YouTube.


Oh no, how ridiculous was it :smiley:


Wasn’t ridiculous at all. Was watching some Glass Hammer video, and it cropped up with everything else. I know how you feel. There is some video, hopefully destroyed by now, of me playing drums with George Jones and Conway Twitty. My lack of enthusiasm was showing. I found some other videos of me on YouTube around 1998, and cringed, just knowing that someone actually saved, and posted it. Curse you damned video cameras! :rage:

With that said…apologies to the OP for hijacking this thread. Adrian made me do it. :roll_eyes:


Corky, you didn’t happen to play drums with Conway Twitty in Las Vegas around 1991, if memory serves? George Jones was on the same bill as was Vince Gill.



No, just locally gigging in 91. The time I was referring to would be mid to late 1970’s. The years of Disco and (ugh) Leisure Suits.


There might be some recordings online that I did with a songwriter mumbles years ago. Whenever I hear the originals I’m reminded how humbling the studio is . . .


Thanks for the reply, Corky. I was always intrigued by Conway’s set. I sensed tension between the drummer and Conway throughout their entire set. I was curious as to what was going on between them. Or was imagining the whole thing!
Regardless, it was a great evening; George Jones was in fine form and Vince Gill was stellar.



Just a little more on the subject and I will leave this alone. Twitty was not very hard to work for, but he expected perfect timing , and perfect, non-busy fills, much like anyone of his status at the time. He very well could have been using a new drummer who wasn’t up to the task. Even though many of the country stars had touring bands, it was not unusual for them to pull a “Chuck Berry”, and have contracted musicians in some areas that only played a few shows in that certain area of the country. It saved them a lot of money not to transport, feed, and bed a touring band. It was also a risk, because they had no idea how the contracted bands sounded, and could possibly ruin a show. I played for several others as a regional musician, and had no problems until the “star” was a no show, with an auditorium filled with anxious ticket holders, and a band who got stiffed on the gig. You can probably figure out who that was.

Again, apologies to OP.




I’m starting to look at the possibilities of using a small 2 or 3 button USB pedal. Does anyone have any experience with those and Cantabile? I know they usually emulate a 2nd mouse, I’m worried about adding more driver issues in Windows though, also are there problems getting Cantabile to recognize them at all… I just wonder if it’s opening up a software related can of worms.

Edit- just looked back to Neil’s 2nd post in the topic and the Audiofront MIDI Expression Quatro sounds like the perfect answer to everything… Although frankly I could probably just drag along a little controller like this ( https://www.amazon.com/midiplus-32-Key-Midi-Controller-AKM320/dp/B00VHKMK64/ref=sr_1_1?qid=1571607600&refinements=p_36%3A1253546011&s=musical-instruments&sr=1-1)
for cheap cheap and give myself a 2nd pedal input, some keys to assign and even left-hand controllers…


I can advice you the Line 6.
Compact, not expensive, usb powered, …
To be honest, i thought i would use the pedals for song switching, but because i stand up, I’m out of balance so switching isn’t good timed. And it’s a matter of milliseconds on certain songs :slight_smile:


I’m trying out using the BassPod Pro XT. I like having an expression pedal, but I can do that through the keyboard. The Pod has too many switches too close together. I really just need one, by itself. that can’t be missed and a sustain. Everything else I can do with my hands.


I have the Audiofront Midi expression also, but the single input version. It has been amazing.

  • Paul


I have the 4-input version. Works great


Hm, 139$ for just that interface?


Hey Fred,

I use some of these (relatively cheap) USB pedals for LivePrompter - the ones I use act as a USB keyboard, with programmable keys. Not a big driver issue - they just register with Windows as an additional keyboard with no problems. The only caveat with those is that Cantabile needs to have the focus to receive keyboard input - as long as that is assured, all is fine.

Recently, I’ve tended to build these USB switching thingys myself - I use a cheap teensy, which can act alternatively as a keyboard or MIDI device. The necessary Arduino code is pretty trivial, so I can create all kinds of MIDI or keyboard switches or pedals that connect via USB. Creating a USB MIDI expression pedal or a 3-pedal switch is pretty easy and cheap…




Absolutely. Putting some time into that kind of things makes sense. I also do build all that stuff by myself and especially arduino is an easy to use platform with tons of examples out there.


Same here! I love it. Slightly pricey, but I didn’t see anything else better at the time it was released. (I had the 1-input version, then they released the 4-input version – then called Quattro.)

I route 3 expression pedals through it, and use bindings on each song to control different parameters – often volume, but not always.


Thank you for this post. It’s been a life saver


Rob at AudioFront is an amazing developer. I’ve now got two eDRUMin units connected to an acoustic 5 piece kit that has DIY Roland style center mounted piezo triggers. The hi-hat pedal input is basically a MIDI Expression input and works amazingly well with a DIY Hall Effect (magnet mounted on the bottom of the rod comes near a sensor) to emulate tightly closed to fully open. He solves just about every issue people bring up. Reminds me of Brad.