What's your preferred method for changing states?


Hmm, interesting…

Here is my binding page (global rack):

Just tested everything with build 3160 - seems to work nicely.

Not sure how your config is different from mine…




@Torsten, thanks. I think there’s something going on here, that’s why I was interested in how you tied your “Big Red Button” in.


Hi all, for me, Viva Viva the footswitch to let hands doing everything like hold notes, play other things, clap themself, etc…

In my case, it lets me to switch many kind of sounds during performance => states, songs and play background effect by media player during playing notes.

I suggest this, i bought it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Button-USB-MIDI-Footswitch-MIDI-Foot-Controller-with-external-pedal-input-/222189471664

With manual you can do many things like toggle button effect, hold for ON and release for OFF and classic button effect setting all buttons individually. It’s very light with led to help the state.

Bye all! :wink:


I also use a footswitch to trigger the next state, but instead of using a midi pedal, i use a USB footswitch (USB Foot Switch 2 Triple from Scythe)
I can program that footswitch to a keypress combination i.e. CTRL-ALT-N and assign a hotkey in cantabile with target Next State (instant)

Benefit: The footswitch is much cheaper than midi footswitches (20€) afaik

Greetings, Tom


Nice idea! But does it work if some other app has the focus?

I was thinking of getting a specialised keypad for specific Cantabile operations like bringing up a tuner app GUI, next/previous song, switching between live and routing modes etc, but my concern was that it relied on Cantabile having the Windows focus on order to capture the keyboard events.

As a consequence, maybe a good feature request for Cantabile would be the ability to intercept key presses that are binding triggers, even when Cantabile doesn’t have the focus.



No, that is not working right now as i remember correctly. But I think Brad already has a trello card on implementing hot keys as global hot keys, then it would work even if cantabile has no focus.


I like to use my Expressionpedal for multiple configurations…
sometimes “Kickdown”(127) is changing the songstate…
otherwise i do this with a little Korg Nanocontroller…


Late response, but…re FCB1010

They’re horrible from the factory, but the UNO chip with the smooth CC option changes things enormously.
The factory issue has massive gaps in the CC output, especially at the low end, which makes smooth fades impossible, The UNO chip not only cures that problem but adds in functionality that is invaluable, such as stomp box mode.
The chip is 24 eu.
If it’s the actual action of the pedal, not sure one can do anything about that - but I can certainly attest to the improvement in control once that chip was in.
Sidenote - I actually complained to Behringer about the hopeless state of the CC output from their pedals and they feigned ignorance. The original UNO duplicates the Behringer behavior - but Ossan was kind enough to make a special issue for me, which is now available, at no extra cost, when requested.


As for preferred method -
It’s a combo of things.
Two pads on a Nano for next/previous state.
Two topmost keys on an 88 note controller keyboard.
Two switches on a UNO modified Behringer FCB1010


Because I have been using my Cantabile rig as only an auxiliary unit to my hardware setup, I have been able to load my set list, and then call up the song using the “Song#/S” hotkey combination. I used a tiny RiiTek keyboard stuck on my master controller.

I have been toying with the idea of using a wireless numeric keypad to select the song, and then another mechanism (footswitch or unused keyboard note) to step through the song states.

Does anyone know if you can map the “Enter” key to send the “Load Song” command? That would be a helpful addition in my case.




I use a Boss FS-5U foot switch to advance song states (connected to Cantabile through an Audiofront MIDI Expression Quattro). I also use an Akai LPD8, with buttons programmed for next/previous song state and next/previous song, and I have that sitting on my keyboard. I’m really happy with this setup.



Besides the “big red button” shown above, I have now added a second keyboard layer again with an Alesis VI-49. I use the bottom row of its drumpads to control Cantabile and LivePrompter:

The red-labeled pad is a duplicate of my red button - it instantly advances to next state; the other three control LivePrompter (start/pause, scroll up / down). These are the four functions I need most frequently while playing, and pads are a lot easier to hit than finicky buttons…

I use the VI-49 buttons for functions I don’t need during songs, but rather when we’re not playing:

Here, I have previous state, next state, jump to first state for Cantabile, also previous song, next song and restart current song for LivePrompter.

This does pretty much all I need.




Glad I finally read this thread. Torsten, you made me realize I’m doing something stupid. :smiley: I won’t even say what, because it’s stupid. But I’m now going to fix it…


Now you’re making me curious :upside_down_face::crazy_face:


BTW: in some songs, I DO need a pedal to switch states (all hands and nose needed to play), but that’s easily fixed via a song-level binding - I simply assign my left pedal to “next state (instant)” for this specific situation.

All other assignments above are permanent bindings in the Background Rack.




I have bindings to programmed switches on my Line6 Helix’s “command centre” if I am doing a guitar oriented st, or programmed switches from my Roland FC300 (and Boss foot switches into the FC300) if I am keyboard oriented.

both work.a treat!


I have one big button on my keyboard (basicly a footswitch that sends a controller change - mostly to start or continue clicktracks) and a normal footswitch to toggle next state. Additionally next, prec state mapped to built in controller buttons just as Torsten.
Additionally I trigger next state or song when the clicktrack finishes (via a trigger).
Sometimes I even trigger next state via a specific key I play…


You know what I’d love would be a big button mounted in the air I could hit with my head.


What’s your preferred method for changing states?



My preferred method of changing states is by driving a vehicle across state lines. :upside_down_face: