What's the verdict on Blue3?


I love to tweak- I still want to try a good HiWatt amp in between the organ and Leslie.


LOL…or a Diezel. Why not download a free amp sim and put it between the Blue3 and the IK? You are running C3 afterall !!

I have a HiWatt sim…may try that when I get time. Preparing for a gig tonight.


That’s what I’m talking about.



Just tried Blue3 into HiWatt, HiWatt into Ik. Very nice
Then I tried Blue3 into IK, IK into HiWatt, even better.


Have you tried some of the Blue3 output options, or just direct? Maybe 4x12?


Yeah… mentioned this above:

Been all over these two plugs for the past two weeks. Really looking forward to version 2.


This fresh from GG Audio:

Just in case you’re wondering, no, we haven’t forgotten about you. Far from it! We’re hard at work finishing up V2 of Blue3 and making it kick ass! #hangontoyourtubes!


Hmmmm… maybe paying special attention to the amp section? Could be interesting!