What's the difference between "event in" and "midi in"

I can’t seem to find this in the manual (ok, too lazy to do an exhaustive search)… sometimes when I load a plugin, I get “event in” instead of “midi in”… and I can’t seem to figure out why, or how to change it. What’s the difference and what is it all about?

Hi Kirk,

They are the same thing. The name used by Cantabile is the one reported by the plugin so it varies depending on the developer. It is not changeable AFAIK.



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I notice the difference mainly between VST2 and VST3 synths, so possibly something to do with the specifications?

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Yes, Steinberg’s VST2 standard uses “MIDI In” as the default name for the non-audio input, whereas their VST3 standard uses “Event In” as the default name (because the VST3 standard generalized it to include other kinds of “events”). Individual VST developers can change the default names, so in general you’ll see VST2s and VST3s with arbitrary names for their input channels. The names shouldn’t have any particular impact for users.