What's the best way to setup and transfer C3 to a backup computer using a different interface?

I have a new computer (Win 10 Pro) and I’m waiting on delivery of a new Quantum 2626 interface. That interface has 8 outputs, but on gigs I’ll probably only use 5 outputs, maybe 6. My old gig rig will become a hot backup, and that’s using a Scarlet 2i4 interface with 4 outputs, running Win 7 Pro.

I’ve read several posts on transferring C3 to a backup and that all makes sense. since I don’t have my new interface I can’t test it, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to avoid rerouting all my outputs when I move files from my primary rig to the backup? I’ve read up on using the alias function but I haven’t tried it yet…if I understand it right if I name both interfaces with the same alias, for example “interface”, that should do the trick for the four common outputs, then I’ll just have to reroute the 5th output, which is not a big deal. Am I on the right track? Thanks!

The key is to use logical audio outputs and then map them to your different hardware outputs. In my setup, I have three logical stereo output pairs: “Main Speakers” (which all my keyboard instruments are routed to), “Guitar Out” (for my guitar amp plugs) and “Break music” (for media players etc). plus another mono output to route my clean guitar signal to my VoiceLive.

For my big multi-out interfaces, each of these logical pairs get mapped to individual outputs, Main Speakers to 1-2, Guitar Out to 3-4, Break music to 5-6, and VoiceLive to 7

But in my smaller config that only uses a Zoom UAC-2, I only have one stereo output, so Main speakers, Guitar Out and Break Music all get routed to Output 1 (both L and R channel), and VoiceLive gets routed to 2. Now I get everything (keys, guitar, and break music) mixed to mono on one of the outputs and the clean guitar signal on the second. For my second band, where I don’t play guitar, I have a different routing - in that setup, my “monitor” output gets sent to output 2, so I have a signal that I can control volume-wise independently from the DI output 1 - this way, I can control my keyboard amp volume directly within Cantabile without affecting the main mix.

This is just an example how you can use the output mapping - all my songs are created with the same three standard stereo output ports, but what actually happens to the signals is managed only in the audio configuration through channel mapping.

Hope this helps!




Thanks for your detailed reply, Torsten. That should work, thanks!