... what's possible with Cantabile+Lightjams


What’s the best for manipulating Light is also the best to manipulate Sound…
Lets have a look what you can do…

at first you have to create a MIDI fixture like this

then patch it into your device list (also then light devices)…only different thing is that the patch is going to midi (and not dmx,sanc,artnet…)

…next Step …place the fixtures/attributes on a grid

…now the fun part …bring a Power source on the attribute and give an impulse like here a cos wave

… in my case i bound the activation of the grid to a slider that pulse only on the masterbeat
result ( …cutoff is everytime in sync to my Arranger Key)
the clock-pulse values i generate in cantabile with CC-Stepper VST for all kinds of ticks I need.

the real fun beginns if you play with sound based source that manipulates a filter in sync to sound and light… very cool thing

also the source can send delayed to another source or another source can programmed to react specific like you want …cool shit

…with a cantabileRack you can call/activate the grid or many different.
so you can make your own Library of freaky manipulations…