What's happening to the forum icon on Android?

Hey @brad,

there’s something funky happening to the forum logo when I install it as an app on Android - the Cantabile logo keeps shrinking with every start of the app!

When I install the forum as a web app, the Android launcher icon and the launch screen look fine:

But whenever I launch the app, the logo shrinks - down to pretty ridiculous sizes:

Not sure if this is something to do with the format of the uploaded logo - or a bug in Discourse?

Of course, I’d love to always have the Cantabile logo in its full glory :wink:



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Hey Torsten, it happens to me too, it has almost disappeared completely


It’s happening here too… And to the Steinberg forums logo. Must be a discourse thing…


OK, since it wasn’t just me, I did a little digging - looks like it’s actually a bug in Google’s WebAPK generation service (the tool that creates an Android app from a web application). Seems like its daily updates shrink the logo a little bit at a time. Bug has been acknowledged - hope there’s a fix soon…

Currently, the only fix is to uninstall and re-install the web app - and watch it shrink. Well, everything shrinks a bit when it gets colder :joy:

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I guess you don’t have this type of monitor :rofl:


Looks like this is a bug in Chrome for Android that Google has acknowledged and is working on a fix for.

See discussion here:


Looks like the folks at Google have fixed it - logo keeps its size now…

Holy crap, I thought it was only me :laughing: mine is still small, I guess I still need to reinstall it…

Huhh uhh uhh, huh huh huh uhhh huh it’s small

Yup, reinstall is needed