What's a monophonic plugin you'd like to play polyphonically?


Yes, there’s always DivisiMate, but that would be a bit of overkill for this scenario. With a price tag of $199 and no VST plugin (it runs as a separate stand-alone program), it’s also not my preferred option…

Maybe if I find some time, I’ll try some ReaJS scripting…




Hi Guys, @Torsten, @brad, finally, it’s not so hard to do!

Since I have plenty of time thanks to the confinement here in France, I made a little stand-alone app to split voices to separate midi channels.

I’m not good at programming at all, my last coding experience is from the Atari days!!!

But I managed to do this in VB with my poor skills…

It can split up to 8 voices, sort, reallocate them without retriggering the held ones and this without any time measurement in the algorithm.

The only thing you have to do as a player (like in Divisimate, I think) is playing all the voices you have set up (1 thru 8)
I checked the generated midi within Cubase and it’s pretty convincing. Each mono “exploded” line is melodically consistent in each track as intended.

It still needs several improvements like delaying (oops! a time thing) the Note Off’s to “force” legato, but it’s basically working and it’s fast enough.
I keep working on…

I’m dying to use this live with Brass or Strings sections in Cantabile when we will be able to have concerts again.

Cheers and take care of your health.