What VST are you using for jazz\pop horns?

I’m looking for VST for jazz\pop horns and wind instruments sounds, for live keyboard rig.
Something that is playable on keyboard.

Sample Modeling for example sounds great but not good for keyboard playing, as I’m not going to play in a band with a wind controller, and ther is no option for polyphony in those instruments.

Right now there is a crazy sale on Broadway Gig:

Broadway Gig suppose to be perfect for live keyboardist, but why so few instruments?
No alto sax?!
A clarinet could be nice too.
what do you think?



Do you use this library in your keyboard rig for live performance?

No, I don’t own it. Someone who works a lot at the studio I run does and it sounds quite good though. I haven’t programmed it myself enough to really know the deep details but it seems pretty intuitive; I think you can do rather a lot with key switches on the fly.

I’m really looking for a horn section I can play live with one hand. Kinda hard to flip key switches articulations when your hitting an EP with the other hand. I can still do expression via pedal or breath controller though.

Hmmmm. Straight ahead sounds great but I don’t know that it’s optimal for live use along those lines- but then, nothing is, really. I’d say in that case the SWAM horns might be your best bet, they respond really well to breath control. You’d have to build your sections from a bunch of individual instruments. Could be really cool though. Really though, how would that work with monophonic instruments… you’d have to have complicated rules for polyphony. A conundrum.